First of all, we need to understand that eating out at restaurants is probably one of the least healthy choices we can make. Especially on a new diet. However, it is unavoidable.

Now a days, with the internet, apps, nutrition calculators, and nutritional menus, we can save ourselves from overdoing or sodium intake!

Below you will find a few meals that will help you to eat out with your family and friends without feeling left out!

Please keep in mind that each of these meals is subject to change milligram wise if you add, take away, or substitute items.

I myself have tried most of these items. They are a welcome addition to my low sodium diet as most of them still contain the max amount of salt per meal . However, we all know, food prepared by someone else always tastes better!

One more thing to keep in mind. Everyone’s daily sodium intake is different. Use your own discretion when figuring out which meal is best for you. For example, I can have up to 1800 mg of sodium per day. I do not typically eat breakfast. Therefore, I can have up to 900 mg of sodium per meal for lunch and dinner. This opens up quite a few possibilities. However, if you are on a 1500 mg sodium diet, and you eat all 3 meals per day, you may have to lower your sodium count per meal. You would be allotted 500 mg per meal with no snacks in between.

Now to get to the good stuff!

Can I eat low sodium at Burger King?

Not a ton of options here, but some you may enjoy….


  • Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich (576 mg)
  • 5 French Toast Sticks (512mg)
  • Small Hash browns (580mg)
  • Pancake Platter (695mg)
  • Any coffee or iced coffee is fine (under 50 mg)


  • Whopper plain (657mg)
  • Whopper JR (561mg)
  • Cheeseburger (770mg)
  • Hamburger (559mg)
  • 4 piece nugget (545mg)
  • 8 piece nugget (627mg)
  • Chicken Fries (777mg)
  • Chicken Jr (780mg)
  • Fries (792 mg) ask for no salt and that should be more than cut in half
  • Onion Rings (507mg)
  • 8 Cheesy Tots (794mg)
  • 4 Jalapeno cheddar bits (454mg)
  • 4 Cheese sticks (842mg)

I hope this helps to get you to get started! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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