There are products that you will find from time to time that make your day. I love finding new things to incorporate into our daily meals. It’s such a nice change of pace to find a new flavor or product that you have been missing since starting this journey.

Low Sodium Items – Heart Healthy Market

So this blog is going to be short and sweet. There will be no list of items to click on….just a single link. Why? Let me tell you….

Heart Healthy Market is a website. It contains amazing amounts of items that can site within your low sodium dietary lifestyle and sometimes even by the case. The reason I am not linking a ton of items is that they are all low or lower sodium items. I would literally have to link every product. They sometimes have different brand names of the same types of items. They are like a grocery store in that they will run out of stock from time to time. Items can be discontinued. Items prices can change. Nutritional menus can change. So, for this reason, I suggest when you find an item you know you need in your life, buy the case of it. I can kick myself for the number of times this has happened to me over the last couple of years.

You will of course, like us all, find things that you will love….and hate. It’s trial by error. To be honest, I am still trying new things from the site.

Some of their items that I love to buy are the Mrs. Wages packs. I usually get the variety packs. They are life changing.

I also like their pickles. I had missed them so much. The Mrs. Dash marinades are not terrible either. Most of the soups I have tried seem to be lacking. But that is just me. You may love them! I do get the raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing and it is amazing.

The major downside is the shipping cost. It can get quite expensive, but if you order from them, they send you coupons and codes to use. It lessens the sting just a bit.

I hope you find something you can’t live without!

Without Further Ado….


Enjoy! Hit me up if you have great recipes to share!

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