I try to keep my base recipes as simple as possible. This way, you can always add or pair your meal with sides and other goodies! Low Sodium Maple Brussel Sprouts. Its quick and delicious. Here are my simple Maple Brussel Sprouts!


  • Brussel Sprouts (0mg) sprouts (0mg)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil(0mg)
  • 1tablespoon of maple syrup (0mg)
  • 1.5 tablespoons of honey (0mg)


In a large skillet add your olive oil. While oil is heating, wash and cut your spouts. I prefer mine with the ends cut off ant cut into quarters or maybe halves if they are small. Once they are cut, place them in your skillet flat side down. Cook on all sides until you start to see a bit of color or “char”. At this point add in your maple syrup and honey. Cook 1 to 2 more minutes on high then remove from heat! That is how you make Low Sodium Maple Brussel Sprouts! Enjoy! Hit me up if you have great recipes to share!

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